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After finishing the fashion academy, I started as designer, but soon I realized that it wasn’t fullfilling, so I started to work for a magazine (Libelle, the biggest women’s weekly) as fashion editor. This was the beginning of my passion for styling, putting fashion trends into storytelling series.

From the first fashion shoot on until now I love what I do: working with different teams on different locations, for different clients, editorial or commercial.

Every time its different but it always comes down to the same thing: Searching for the right locations working with the right team to create the best production.


Arjaan Hamel, Anne Timmer, Carmen Kemmink,Cyriel Cremers,Dana van Leeuwen, Esmee Franken, Hans van Brakel, Harold Pereira, Hotze Eisma, Joost Govers, Mark Uyl, Mick de Lint, Nick Kidman, Nine Ijff, Roger Neve, Robert Beck, Suzanne Karsters,Violaine Chapallaz, Yvette Kulkens, Hans Zeegers


Marie Claire,Elegance, Nouveau, Libelle, Margriet, Viva, Flair, VT Wonen, Seasons, Delicious, Be One, Wehkamp, Witteveen, Miller& Monroe, LINDA., No Man’s Land, Happinez, Maggi, ANWB, Jumbo, Yoga Magazine, Gaastra, Mc Gregor


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